Discover Mateo Harris, Rihanna’s Go-To Jeweler in the Heart of Nolita

Discover Mateo Harris, Rihanna’s Go-To Jeweler in the Heart of Nolita

While Rihanna required jewelry for Barbados after which a visit to the Center East and her stylist Weaver considered jewelrer Harris, whose smooth and stylish items are minimum however create a powerful declaration. And today, for women and men, he provides his full-range of items, on the enchanting road in Nyis Nolita. ” while you never really understand who’s purchasing your masterpieces via the net, I really like having a shop. We’ve had clients who we didn’t believe we focused too. But every day we are surprised,” the – said. “Starting our flagship shop is just a second that is amazing. It’s our small maison within downtown’s center.”

Jewelry enthusiasts who visit Nolita because of its excellent jewelry stores like Damaged Language and Love Decorated. Residents and guests alike who enjoy nearby places and Nolitais appeal. Gents and ladies of ages. “I offered the absolute most beautiful pair from Bay Area to many pieces to,” Harris stated. “They’ve been for 39 years. In my opinion we’re getting people who certainly adore stunning jewelry and enjoy ease and artwork.”

Followers of the Brand
Rihanna. Enough said.

The Blend
for That very first time, Harris may show both guysis and women’s selection alongside. “The juxtaposition of both selection works in tranquility as well as beautifully,” he explained. ” While an ideal item is being shopped for by the lady, her sweetheart is without a doubt not uninterested as he’s currently discovering his individual items from our selection that is guys.” You will find 14- diamond stud earrings and Gold, bracelets, and bracelets for ladies, in addition to some gem items. Silver emerges for males.

Best sellers
Earrings, without doubt. Stone hoops, the finished bead earrings, and half-moon stone hoops are best-sellers, and our mathematical form guys with and without the band men, point leather necklaces and razorblade necklaces are favorites.

For ladies, $150 – $750 in 14-karat gold and diamonds. For males, costs start at $45 and increase to $500 for strong silver necklaces.

Item de Opposition
The Alexander Calder impressed cellular installment within the shop.

For individuals who desire to store at home

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