New on Blu-ray, DVD and download

New on Blu-ray, DVD and download

: Annihilation (Cert 15, 120 mins, streaming and available to download from March 12 exclusively on Netflix, Sci-Fi/Thriller/Action/Love)

FOR his follow-up to the sleekly engineered sci-fi terror thriller Ex Machina, author and director Alex Garland remains in likewise unnerving land with Annihilation, an undercover battle for mankind’s survival based loosely to the very first novel in Jeff VanderMeer’s bestselling South Reach trilogy.

Natalie Portman directs the cast as cellular physics professor Lena, who agrees to investigate a phenomenon called The Shimmer, which has reduced her politician husband Kane (Oscar Isaac) to some zombified husk.

Venturing within the quarantined zone with mission commander Dr Ventress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) along with three fellow scientific specialists (Tuva Novotny, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson), Lena experiences dreadful genetic mutations that flout the laws of character and pose a catastrophic threat to humanity exalted place on the food chain.

Style meets substance throughout courtesy of special results and Garland’s slick script, which poses tantalising questions that resonate long after the blood-curdling screams deteriorate as well as the end credits roll.

: Sneaky Pete Season 2 (10 episodes, streaming by March 9 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, Thriller/Drama/Romance)

The con is still on but a number of the targets are dangerously inconsistent in the second series of hugely entertaining crime drama Sneaky Pete, made by Breaking Bad’s leading man Bryan Cranston and David Shore.

When we left handed trickster Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi), he’d successfully assumed the identity of cellmate Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry) and wormed his way into the affections of both Pete’s estranged grandparents Otto and Audrey Bernhardt (Peter Gerety and Margot Martindale).

The very first show concluded with a lip-smacking cliffhanger: Marius was abducted by shady felons, who disclosed the real Pete is sitting on 11 million US dollars of their money — they intend to kill the Bernhardts unless these ill-gotten funds are coming.

Cue 10 intricately plotted episodes of bluff, excitement and narrative sleight of hand, complicated by Pete’s discharge from prison, which ought to expose Marius’s deception.

:: Endeavour Entire Series Five (Cert 12, 537 mins, ITV Studios Home Entertainment, available today on Amazon Video/iTunes/ITV Hub along with other streaming and download solutions, accessible from March 12 on DVD Number24.99, Drama/Thriller/Romance)

Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans) unravels a series of gruesome murders with the Help of both WPC Trewlove (Dakota Blue Richards) in the 1960s-set prequel to Inspector Morse, which broadcasts ITV1.

Additionally this show, Morse manages the evolution of a passionate new recruit DS George Fancy (Lewis Peek), Detective Inspector Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) expects information of a sweeping departmental merger, racial tensions climb in Oxford in reaction to a demonstration at a hair salon, and the team probes a murder attempt at a high-profile sporting event.

Even the two-disc DVD box collection contains the episodes Muse, Cartouche, Passenger, Colours, Quartet and Icarus.

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