Pioneer Japan Announces First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drives

Pioneer Japan Announces First Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drives

Streaming is becoming the most popular way to view movies and TV shows, but there are loads of people who favor physical media whether it be for the interest of a collection or simply quality. That is the marketplace that Pioneer Japan is hoping to capture with the release of the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drives. The BDR-S11J-BK and also the BDR-S11J-X will release next month in Japan.

Both drives will have a copy of Cyberlink’s Power DVD applications and will be capable of enjoying 4K movies. Furthermore, you will need a pc running Windows 10 plus a fairly powerful processor such as among Intel’s 7th generation CPUs. You’ll also need an HDCP 2.2-compitable HDMI connection.

There are some issues with   Ultra HD Blu-ray therefore it is possible a software update will be required to make sure that each movie plays without any problems.

The J-X has a few additional features and settings as soon as it comes to listening to and ripping CDs, but, aside from this, both drives offer the exact features including reading and writing DVD and Blu-Ray. Reading is available for Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Drives such as these aren’t for everyone and the vast majority of users will probably see no need for them. However, if you are a hardcore cinephile who needs the audio and visual encounter these drives may be worth your money. That such people likely have a house theater set up movies that are capable of doing playing Ultra HD Blu-ray so the viewer for this could be smaller compared to Pioneer hopes.

As of right now, Pioneer Japan hasn’t declared a U.S. release date or price point for these drives, but we doubt it’s going to be too long.

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