What You Need To Know About Wet Macular Degeneration

What You Need To Know About Wet Macular Degeneration

Wet macular degeneration is an eye disease that can make your vision blurry and even create a blind spot. Most of the time this disease is caused by an overgrowth of blood vessels that leak fluid into your eye.

Some of the signs of this disorder are visual changes. You could see lines that look like they are bent when they should be straight. Your central vision could be reduced as well. Some people see a decrease in the brightness of colors and you could have a noticeable blurry area in your vision.

You might have a vision that seems hazy and the symptoms often come on suddenly. Thesightclinic.co.uk suggest that if you are noticing changes in your vision, it is important to make an eye appointment right away, especially if you have problems with seeing colors and detail.

Macular degeneration is caused by an abnormal growth of your blood vessels. When the blood vessels start to leak fluid, this fluid will build up in your eyes and cause vision loss. Most people who get this disorder are over 65 and there is often a family history of it.

Smoking can increase your risk of getting this disease and being obese will also raise your risk. You are also more likely to be at risk if you have cardiovascular disease since this disease affects your blood vessels. As soon as you notice that there are changes in your eyesight, you want to visit your doctor right away and have your eyes examined.

Your eye doctor will examine your eyes and if wet macular degeneration is suspected, your doctor will do more testing to make sure. You will probably get Avastin injections since they can slow down or stop the growth of the blood vessels in your eyes.

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