Retro Blu-Ray/DVD Drive at Apple Disk II Case

Retro Blu-Ray/DVD Drive at Apple Disk II Case


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Retro Blu-Ray/DVD Push in Apple Disc II instance

Want a gift for a teen. . .in 1983? This retro Blu-ray / DVD Drive slipped within an Apple Disc II instance is a piece of art, a bit of history, a slice of nostalgia, along with a pleasant way to watch the at HD all in one.

Etsy shop Retro Connector repurposes actual Apple Disc II 5-1/4″ floppy drives within this mashup of Wozniak’s finest and. . .who invented DVDs and Blu-ray? . . .whoever invented DVDs and Blu-ray’s modern upgrades. Pretty simply, a USB 3 Blu-ray drive replaces the guts of an Apple Disc II – a Retro Connector has already, or your own that you send in – to make a pleasant and operational throwback desktop screen.

The updated case has new USB and power panels on the back, but is otherwise unmodified, right down to its own spring-loaded door drive hinges along with the blinking disk activity LED.

Retro Connector uses Disk II floppy drives that are no longer worker, but also in great physical shape to make his own Blu-ray DVD instances. The USB 3 Blu-ray drive can read and write CDs and DVDs.

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